Can raccoons cause damage in your house?

Can raccoons cause damage in your house?

Oh, yes. 

Raccoons are animals that can cause serious damage even outdoors: overturned rubbish bins, intrusion attempts in the house destroying rotten wooden walls and are strong enough to damage even malleable metals. As a result, they can do a lot of damage at home. Which is one of the main problems with raccoon nesting in houses in Oakville, Ontario. Not so much the fact that there are raccoons, but the structural and health damage. In the presence of these pests in the house, all you have to do is entrust their adoption to a professional wildlife removal company in Oakville.

The main structural problems that raccoons can cause are those to the insulation of your home, especially that of the attic, the place where they love to go to nest. Just consider that a raccoon weighs around 27 pounds, so already with its weight alone it is able to crush and deform the insulation. 

The insulation, then, is often compacted and destroyed to make room for a comfortable nest inside. Something that always happens if a pregnant female raccoon invades your attic: the warmest place is inside the insulation and it is there that it will nest for its puppies.

This obviously leads to isolation becoming ineffective. A necessary insulation to keep not only your attic warm, but your entire home, as the heat rises towards the other. With the insulation damaged by the raccoons, all the heat in the house will go away. It may seem like a small problem, but it involves not only having to repair the insulation, but a waste of money as the bills will increase dramatically.

Other structural damages that raccoons can do concern the electrical system and the hydraulic system. The cables are easily damaged by raccoons, very strong, and could then lead to a short circuit and even to fires. The hydraulic system is also a danger, precisely because of the strength and violence of these animals. Damage to the hydraulic system which could then lead to mold, humidity and even flooding.

Even more serious damage, in terms of cleanliness and for your health, will then be caused by the feces and urine of raccoons. Wherever they settle (garage or attic), raccoons will use that place as their latrine. And that amount of urine and feces will be so great as to create not only serious cleaning problems (a disinfested vow, you will also have to disinfect an attic, totally eliminate the infected insulators etc.), but also for your health.

In fact, both feces and raccoon urine can cause various diseases. The most terrible concerns feces, which carry roundworm eggs, a parasite harmless to the raccoon, but which can also cause serious neurological damage or death in men. Therefore, to repair damage caused by a raccoon in your home, be sure to rely on a professional wildlife removal company. A firm of real professionals will not only eliminate raccoons from your property, but will also make sure to disinfect everything and repair the damage caused by these parasites.