Common Squirrel Control Methods

It is puzzling how pretty and snuggly looking squirrels can ruin your home and life, even though they seem to make perfect pets. Squirrels are one of the most invasive animals that can encroach on your property and wreak havoc in the house, garden, and vehicles. To completely get rid of squirrels from any property one needs to choose carefully a combination of control methods highlighted below so as to get rid of them completely or you can call our squirrel removal Oakville services: 647-496-2189

Perhaps the first and most efficient squirrels control method entails the elimination of attractants coupled with the implementation of exclusion strategies. It is advisable always to clean up the yards and house by raking up all fallen nuts, seeds, fruits, and leftover foods, which attract the squirrels into your home. Trimming of tree branches and isolating trees and utility poles by encircling them with metallic or plastic collars can also help in preventing the squirrels from climbing on to trees and poles to gain access to the attic or chimney. Roof cavities should also be sealed to eliminate any possible entry or exit points into the house. It is also advisable to seal all holes and cracks and to remove wood piles next to the walls.

The second and relatively efficient method of controlling squirrels entails setting traps that capture the animals for safe release into the wild. The method is humane and effective if the right traps are selected and appropriately positioned. The trapping method makes it possible to trap and relocate a whole colony of squirrels. However, it is good to note that relocation alone is not effective if food attractants and access entries are still left in place.

The use of repellents is also efficient, but the repellents’ effects often wear off, and there is a need for a regular renewal. The most popular repellents include cayenne pepper and predator scents, which can be commercially acquired or made from predator urine. The repellents mimic actual bobcat or urine scents, and this can scare the squirrels away. Apart from chemical repellents, one could also use sound and light repellents. Ultrasonic units and bright lighting can be installed in the nests of the squirrels to aggravate the animals through light and sound, which makes their nests uncomfortable to rest in and sleep. The disadvantage of this approach is that most of these electronic units cannot be installed outside.

Other common control methods used in the outdoors include flooding the squirrels’ burrows to make their underground homes inhabitable. This method is very effective for ground squirrels on yards.

Wire mesh fencing, shooting, and poisoning can also prevent squirrel entry into your property and get rid of those that have already invaded your property. While fencing is simple, the use of firearms and poison has to be carried out cautiously. Guns should be used where they are permitted, but in a careful manner to prevent accidents and property damage. There are no clearly marked out poisons for squirrel control, but whenever used, caution should be exercised to avoid potential poisoning of pets in the home.

In a nutshell, there is no 100% effective control method, but with the use of the right combination of control methods, it is possible to eliminate all squirrels from any property.