How to get rid of raccoons living near my home?

How to get rid of raccoons living near my home?

Having raccoons living close to home may not be the best of situations. These are animals that tend to infiltrate homes, attics and garages in search of a nest. In this way they defend themselves from predators and find a warm and dry place even for their puppies. In case you are in Oakville, Ontario, and have an invasion of raccoons, the best thing to do is to call our professional wildlife removal service. But how can you prevent such an invasion? Simple, moving raccoons away from the areas around your home.

Raccoons are annoying animals that can invade your home, but they are not predators. It’s about prey. Consequently, to keep raccoons away from your home, the easiest thing to do is to make them feel endangered. You can do it in three different ways, mainly:

  • Remove food: Raccoons may go around and near your home because of food. If they are there for this, all you need to do is eliminate all possible sources of food, then protect the garbage (by sealing the bins so that the raccoons cannot access them), collect any fruit that has fallen from the trees and similar precautions.
  • Noises: Human noises, or noises in general, are very effective in keeping raccoons away. In this case, it is a method that works if you see a raccoon approaching. Scare him with screams, loud music or sounds from a speaker could be a very effective tactic.
  • Pets: Raccoons can be dangerous for small dogs and cats, they do not scruple to attack them. This changes, however, if your pet is a large dog. Keeping a large dog in the garden is a great way to keep raccoons away from the areas around your home.
  • Motion-Sensor Device: Motion-sensor devices are a safe way to keep raccoons away from your home. You can go from simple sprinklers that are activated with the movement with lights or ultrasound specifically created to keep animals away. Once the raccoon approaches, in fact, the sudden activation of one of these systems scares them and will make them move away.

The problem, however, could remain if the raccoons don’t get too close to your home, but only stay nearby. In that case, the danger of an invasion may be greater as unexpected, but you may also take precautions in that case. For example, use raccoon traps to be placed around the house or around your garden (being careful in case you have small pets).

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Although these methods may seem expensive or unnecessary, a raccoon infestation may not only be annoying, but also dangerous to the health of those who live in the house. If, however, you can’t keep them away, the best and safest thing is to call a professional wildlife removal service to remove raccoons from your home.