How to trap a skunk under a shed?

How to trap a skunk under a shed?

Skunks can become very annoying parasites because they are very destructive. In search of food, they can invade gardens, courtyards and vegetable gardens, leaving their stench everywhere, even slipping under buildings, sheds, verandas and stacks of wood. If you have problems with skunks in Oakville, Ontario, you can call our professional wildlife removal company in Oakville or try to trap the skunk that annoys you under a shed.

The first thing to do when dealing with skunks is to be very careful. In case of danger, in fact, a skunk releases an annoying and smelly defensive spray. However, from a safety point of view, the colors of the skunk, black and white, make it easily recognizable. But how can you trap one that is infesting your garden or your courtyard?

Removing a skunk from your property is a delicate art, a combination of removal practices and foresight practice. The problem always lies in the fact that an endangered skunk tends to spray its spray. To remove a skunk from your property without being sprayed, you will need a trap.

Skunks love to take refuge under the shed because it is a dark, quiet and safe area for their puppies. Not surprisingly, to make them leave the place you can try to make the shed not easy for its tastes with lights and noises, but it is really complicated. Trapping the skunk could be much simpler.

But how do you trap a skunk under a shed? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Buy a trap: the ideal is a steel cage trap, with dimensions of 10 “x 12” x 30 “. These are spring loaded traps so as to close instantly once the skunk is inside. The traps for raccoons are also great for catching skunks.
  • Use the right bait: to prevent your pet or neighbors from getting caught in the trap, the ideal bait could be a marshmallow, peanut butter or extremely strong smelling food.
  • Set the trap under a shed: Place the trap under the shed, near the skunk den or on its way. 
  • Control the trap: Also remember to check the trap often, so that you can move the skunk away as soon as it is caught without making it suffer too much.

In any case, if the skunk problem is serious, perhaps with the presence of several puppies, a trap may not be enough. However, it is certainly not enough. In this case, the best choice is to rely on a professional wildlife removal company so that you can entrust the work to experts who will solve it in the shortest possible time and in the most humane way possible.