How would you pick a raccoon removal company?

How would you pick a raccoon removal company?

If you have raccoon problems in Oakville, Ontario, hiring a professional raccoon removal service may be the only possible choice. There are DIY systems, but raccoons are very dangerous animals, which can transmit disease and can also be very violent. Consequently, especially if a mother has nested with her puppies in your home, rely on professionals. But how to choose a professional raccoon removal firm?

The first thing to consider is the type of company to hire. Consider that there are specific companies for the removal of raccoons, subtly different generic pest control companies. It may not seem like an important difference, but it is. The companies specialized in the removal of raccoons and wild animals, in fact, will not only take care of removing the animal, but also of cleaning, disinfection of areas invaded by nests and repair of damage caused by animals.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that the chosen company uses human removal techniques. “human” intended to avoid unmotivated cruelty. You should make sure that the company you hire uses the best techniques not only for removal, but throughout the process. Often, almost always, it is necessary to trap raccoons to remove them from a house, but it is not said that one should be cruel in doing so. These are animals that seek refuge, protection, food or water. Make sure, therefore, that the company you entrust the removal of the raccoon does not use lethal traps and that there is always a professional to control the non-lethal traps, so as not to harm the raccoon.

You must also make sure that the company you hire is not only in order and able to carry out the job, but that they also have enough experience and are capable. For the first case, you must obtain a written declaration in which the company declares to be authorized to carry out the work and to be insured (in case of accidents while working in your home). In the second case, ask the local animal rehabilitation centers or the local animal control agency for information. Another valid option is to ask those who have already hired the company you want to hire.

Based on the problem you have, then, you must be sure that the agency you rely on can not only solve that problem, but also all those connected to it. In the case of a raccoon infestation, therefore, the company will not only guarantee you the removal of the raccoons, but also the disinfection, the arrangement of the problems caused and checks to prevent these invasions from happening again. Obviously, you will have to make sure of everything before signing the contract.

Lastly, a professional wildlife removal company must also guarantee you an insurance for the work done, an insurance that should last for at least a couple of years. The removal of one or more raccoons is a very difficult job, so a warranty will ensure that the job is done well and that, if not, you can solve the problem free of charge within the time limits of the guarantee.