Is dried raccoon poop dangerous?

Is dried raccoon poop dangerous?

Yes, raccoon droppings are all dangerous. Indeed, a lot of danger, especially if dry. In Oakville, Ontario, you may come across raccoon feces, but if they are in your house or around your house, call a professional wildlife removal company in Oakville immediately. Raccoon feces bring various and very serious problems. Besides the fact that, if you find them at home, it means that raccoons have nested somewhere and that you need the help of professionals to get rid of them.

Raccoon feces carry a dangerous parasitic disease, the ruoundworm. Furthermore, it is a disease and parasites that do not infect the raccoon in any way, but which are extremely dangerous for humans. These parasites, in fact, can cause problems that go up to brain damage and then death.

But what does this have to do with raccoon feces? Very simple, the eggs of these parasites are expelled by raccoons through the stool. As a result, not only can feces found around raccoons be dangerous, but in the event of an infestation in the house, raccoons could turn your home into a real biological threat to you.

This roundworm can enter your body either through contact or through breath when it is in the air. And that’s why dry raccoon feces are very dangerous. By drying out, the feces become more likely to pulverize and spread in the air, bringing with them parasite eggs that can be breathed easily.

They are so dangerous that they also affect the decontamination process of an attic where they have nested. Once you are free of any invading raccoons, in fact, you cannot rest, but you must go to a serious decontamination of your attic. You must get rid of raccoon feces, a procedure that must be done by hand. You cannot vacuum it and use a broom precisely because particles containing the nematode eggs will spread in the air. As regards the insulation, then, it must be thrown away and totally changed. Whether it is covered in dried raccoon feces or not.

The cleaning of an attic from the dry raccoon feces, therefore, must be carried out scrupulously and systematically to avoid serious health risks, as well as special clothes must be worn so as not to come into contact with dry feces. If you really want to do it yourself, you must wear a respiratory mask, a biohazard suit, gloves and eye protection. Not really DIY clothes. And it is not even convenient to buy them, as these clothes, then, should be disposed of, burned, in order to eliminate all infectious particles.

It is a dangerous and expensive job which, however, you will not have to do alone. Every serious professional wildlife removal company offers services not only of rejection, but also of disinfection of nested areas of raccoons. A professional company, therefore, can also help you with problems dangerous to your health such as cleaning from dry raccoon feces.