Most Effective Raccoon Control Methods

An integrated approach has to be undertaken to succeed in raccoon control. There are different approaches to opt for in this aspect. The best thing to start with is evaluating what method to go for in a given instance. Here are the most productive raccoon control methods you can ever rely on:


  1. Eliminate raccoon water and food sources

Raccoons will keep coming in your yard in search of food. Get rid of these rodents by eliminating any potential food and water source. There will be nothing more to attract them. Be sure to:

  • Clear trash and guard garbage bins.
  • Remove any nuts, berries, fruits and seeds among other fallen fruits.
  • Clean food leftover, pet food, or drinks.


  1. Identify damaged areas

Knowing where raccoons spend most of their time at will help at taking them down. They will always cause dissimilar damage types in areas they visit; either in the attic, garden, yard or any other place, you can easily tell it’s a raccoon invasion. Identifying the damage can further help one at selecting the apt control method. Common raccoon target areas include:

  • Entering your attic.
  • Invading your crops.
  • Attacking fish in ponds.
  • Residing under your porch.
  • Getting into your trash cans.
  • Bird feeds.


  1. Selecting the right control method

After identifying the damage areas, you can easily choose the most appropriate control method depending on the target area. Most importantly, know that the more trap and defense layers you set, chances of eliminating and keeping these pests away heighten. Options you can go for include:

Live Raccoon Trap

This is the most effective manual approach to get rid of raccoons in your property or home. It’s recommended for users to choose large or extra-large trap sizes. It’s simple to set a trap; place the trap in the right place while wearing gloves, bait the trap in a manner that will direct the raccoon to the trigger plate, check the trap frequently to see if the trapping task is successful, lastly, change the traps position if the trapping mission does not go through.

Raccoon Repellents

Raccoon repellents will aid in keeping the rodents away from certain objects or surfaces. There are two repellent options; granular repellent- creates restrictions to given areas, and liquid repellent – creates barriers to certain surfaces e.g. trash cans, pet feeders, etc.

Electronic Repellents

Electronic repellents are more consistent and longer lasting than granular and liquid repellents. A good example is a chemical free electronic water sprinkler. You can use them to secure areas such as vegetable gardens, yards, koi points, flowerbeds, pathways, pool areas, among others.


This might not be the most operative option to put into consideration; however, an electric fence can do it aptly. Raccoons have high intelligence levels that can enable them to dig under, unlatch fences or climb over fences.

Final Remarks

It’s simple to have raccoons under control. It’s all about understanding their behavior, way of operation and their target areas. Diverse control methods can be opted for. In the question of what the most effective ones are? Look no more; you have it all here. The best solutions would be to hire a raccoon removal professional.