pigeon wildlife removal oakvillePest problems and wildlife invasions are a common problem faced by many businessmen and homeowners. Pigeon infestation is one of the many problems and is also the most common issue due to the large numbers of pigeons present. Pigeons can survive and maintain themselves with the least of food and water resources available. This is why it gets absolutely difficult to get rid of them altogether.

People feed pigeons in parks and other open-spaced public places. Pigeons are harmless in nature; however, they are responsible for some of the major defacing problems in most cities. Pigeons deface buildings, monuments, park benches and walkways with their slippery and corrosive droppings. Cleaning up the mess made by pigeons is very difficult, as it leaves behind stains and damages. Also, as soon as it’s been cleaned, there are more droppings in the area.

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Pigeons Lifestyle and Habits

Pigeons mainly build nests in buildings, on ledges, and on window sills. Once they get settled in, they start roosting. They use various materials to build their nests, and some of this nesting material, along with their feathers and droppings, tends to block pipes and other outlets creating a menace for homeowners. They also stain the entire place with their droppings. Pigeons lay approximately 2 eggs at a time and can nest 2 to 3 times in a year. They are monogamous in nature and divide their responsibility equally when it comes to building their nests and protecting their young. They infest in packs and hence it is quite a task to get rid of them easily. But we at Pigeon Removal 647-496-2189 think otherwise. We have guaranteed measures that would ensure complete removal of these birds from your property.

Pigeon Deterrents

Various pest control companies provide wildlife deterrents that are easily available in the market. However, these Do-It-Yourself removal kits do not guarantee a complete eradication of birds from your property and are difficult to administer all by yourself. These procedures are time-consuming and futile. We believe in eradicating pigeons from your property in a safe and reliable manner. We also take proper measures to ensure that you do not have any future pigeon infestations. Our products are environmentally safe and will not harm adults, children or animals present in the area at the time. So you can easily go about doing your job while we help you get rid of these pest birds for you.

Reliable Removal and Control Services

We at Pigeon Removal 647-496-2189 offer you the best pigeon removal and control services available. Our team of avian experts inspects the level of bird infestation on your property before offering the best-suited solution for you. Call us at 647-496-2189, speak to our technician and reserve an appointment as soon as you realize that you have an infestation problem.