raccoon-removal-wildliferemoval-oakvilleWe offer comprehensive raccoon removal services in Oakville. Raccoons invade homes and commercial properties in search of food, water and shelter. You will usually find raccoons invading your property during the colder months of the year. When you hear scampering noises coming from the attic, you can be sure that you have raccoons sharing your home space. These are considered pests as they cause extensive property damage, make a mess and can also spread diseases. Raccoons are nocturnal in nature and hence are usually seen around during the night. They go through your garbage, foraging for food and leave a mess for you to clean up the next day. It is best to have these wildlife nuisances removed at the earliest.

We offer guaranteed removal solutions to your raccoon problems. Our services are affordable and we use safe and humane methods of eradicating these bothersome creatures from your property, so you can rest assured that your family will be safe.

Call us at 647-496-2189 and speak to a technician who will assist you with booking an inspection appointment. Once our expert staff inspects the level of raccoon invasion, we will provide you with the best possible solution.

Raccoon Removal Process

Raccoons have the capability of causing tremendous damage when they take up residence in your home or commercial property. In a very short time, a raccoon and its babies could destroy your attic insulation filling it up with urine and feces. Due to their size, raccoons could easily flatten your insulation by moving around your ceiling. Our technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your property.

The inspection is documented so you can review the services after. It will also have detailed information regarding the entry points, the number of raccoons in your property including babies, and the best possible way to get rid of the raccoons. Depending on whether the raccoon in your property has babies or not, a one-way exclusion door will be used. If the raccoon is a female adult with babies, our technicians will have to remove the babies by hand.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons can be pretty messy, ask anyone who has had the misfortune of having their attic invaded by these pesky critters. They will attack your trash cans at night foraging for food and strew its contents all over the lawn.

Raccoons weight about 30 lbs and will easily compress your insulation moving around your attic space. Adult females will deliberately compact and clear large areas while nursing their young. All these activities will damage and reduce your insulation’s effectiveness.

Raccoons will change your attic into a giant litter box, they will set aside designated areas to use as a toilet and over time their feces will pile up and rot. These problems are multiplied when as many as six babies are born in your attic.

Raccoon in the Attic

If you have spotted a raccoon going up and down your roof, then you probably have a raccoon living in your attic. If you have a raccoon living in your attic, it’s almost always a female adult raccoon with babies. Raccoons find your attic favourable for nesting since it offers a dark, quiet and secure place away from predators or patrolling males.

Having raccoons in your attic is never a good idea. In a short period, they could destroy your insulation to an extent you will need a full replacement. They will also contaminate your attic with disease-carrying feces and urine.

Raccoon Invasion

Raccoons are mainly found in sparse forest areas. However, with more and more houses being built in the urban areas, these nuisance creatures have even learned to adapt in alternate surroundings as well. They can now be found in parks, attics and backyards. Raccoons find warmth and safety in residential and commercial settings, as there is ample food available and they can easily care for their young ones.

Health Threats

Raccoons are carriers of various diseases. They transmit these diseases to humans through the items that they come in contact with. Even their scratches and bites are proven harmful to humans. Raccoons may feel threatened if you try to ward off or get rid of them by yourself. They will react in a hostile manner, especially if they are trying to protect their young ones. In their attempt to defend themselves they are likely to attack you or your family members and you would rather avoid such trouble.

Raccoons can infect both humans and pets with diseases and parasites. Baylisascaris is an infection that is caused by a roundworm that is found in raccoon feces. When the roundworms found in raccoon feces are ingested by humans, they could cause severe damage to the human nervous system that could lead to death. Raccoons are known carriers of rabies; they can transfer the disease to you or your pets if they bite or scratch.

Why Hire a Professional Raccoon Removal Service?

Raccoons are not the easiest animal to remove, a reason why this process is best left for the professionals. A professional raccoon removal expert in Oakville will have skills and experience to get rid of the raccoons in your home with minimal time and damage. One of the reasons property owners hire our wildlife removal professional is due to safety concerns. A nursing raccoon is dangerous; an in-experienced individual could easily get bitten or attacked.

Usually, property owners do not have the right skill and experience to remove wildlife nuisance effectively. Depending on where you live, there are regulations regarding wildlife removal that people need to adhere to.

Our raccoon removal experts are reliable, and our services are guaranteed. As a wildlife removal company, we offer lasting solutions to eradicating a raccoon problem in your property. The contracting process needs to be based on the reliability and effectiveness of the removal company.

Over time, inexperienced or unskilled removal process will cost much more than hiring our professional help. It’s therefore essential to hire a professional wildlife removal service that will guarantee desired results at a desirable cost.

Humane raccoon removal solutions

Raccoons are protected wildlife animals and depending on where you live; specific laws protect them. Our technicians are licensed to perform raccoon removal services. When choosing a raccoon removal company, it’s important to make sure that they offer humane removal services.

When it comes to getting rid of raccoons in your property, our raccoon removal technicians will use a one-way exclusion door method to keep the animal out of your structures. In case the raccoon has babies, our technicians will have to remove them by hand. They will be put in an insulated box where their mother will relocate them one by one. Alternatively, our technicians will use the babies as bait to trap the mother. They will later be safely transferred to a forest or preferred natural habitat.

Raccoon Removal Oakville

It is best to leave the removal of such urban wildlife nuisances to the professionals. We at Raccoon Removal Oakville guarantee a safe and humane eradication of raccoons from your home, office our neighbourhood and also guide you with control measures to avoid future invasions by such bothersome wildlife.

We provide removal services 7 days a week. You may contact us at 647-496-2189 and book an appointment for our expert technician to visit your property for a thorough inspection. Post our inspection, we will provide you with an affordable and reliable treatment solution to suit your needs.