skunk wildlife removal oakvilleSkunks are quite the helpful creatures, and although we usually associate these animals with only the dreadful odor they give out during a confrontation, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Skunks feed on insects and smaller pest animals like grasshoppers, grub, moles, rats and mice, thus keeping our gardens and homes safe. However, the problem arises when skunks themselves prove to be pests, not only damaging your property and making you wary of that awful smell they can emanate, but also spread diseases.

Their habit of digging burrows is a constant threat to the beauty of your yard, and their tendency to dig even into the foundation of your home even puts your property’s structural strength at risk. Add to this the constant threat they pose to your pet animals and children. Of course, if they happen to enter the house, the chaos that ensues is surely an unwanted nuisance.

On the health front too, skunks pose quite a lot of danger. They are capable of carrying and spreading the deadly rabies virus and act as hosts to a long list of other diseases too.

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Health Concerns

Reports of rabid skunks are rampant and in some cases, these animals have even passed this deadly virus to other animals, including household pets. Of course, if you fail to detect something wrong in your pet before it’s too late, your favourite pet could pass this virus on to your family too. This is a real threat associated with skunks and should never be played down.

Leptospirosis and Intestinal Roundworm are a couple of other serious health concerns, and with pets, Canine Distemper and Canine Hepatitis are threats. Apart from these diseases, the viruses and parasites skunks are capable of carrying enable them to pass on a string of other diseases and conditions too.

Of course, the stink that these animals are capable of raising is a health concern too. Moreover, did you know that the odour of a skunk spray is so powerful that you can even smell it up to a mile and a half away? So you can only imagine how strong the smell can be when it’s only a few feet away!

Damage to Property

Skunks may have relatively poor eyesight but their senses of smell as well as hearing are excellent. These senses come together to help a skunk explore quite a bit in search of food, and there are several nooks and crannies on urban properties that turn out to be a favourite with skunks. In the process, however, skunks end up causing considerable damage to property, even weakening structural foundations.

Skunk Removal 

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