squirrel-removal-wildliferemoval-oakvilleWe offer professional and guaranteed squirrel removal services in Oakville. Squirrels were never really considered a potential threat until recent times, as these wildlife animals have started to invade homes and offices in search of food and shelter. Some homeowners even consider them as pests, as they not only invade your home for space but also destroy property and make your home unhygienic and create a potential hazard to the health of your family members and employees.

If you have a doubt that you have a squirrel invasion but aren’t sure then there are some obvious signs that will help you understand this. Scampering sounds in the attic area, chewed bits of wiring, insulation or building foundation, squirrel sightings in and around your home or office and squirrel droppings; are some of the obvious signs of an invasion.

We offer you guaranteed solutions to your squirrel problems. Call us at 647-496-2189 and our staff will assist you with squirrel removal and control solutions.

Squirrel Removal Process

Do you suspect you have squirrels in your attic? You’ve probably heard scurrying in your ceiling, noticed their droppings, or aggressive squirrel behaviour around your property. Don’t ignore these signs, have your property inspected by our qualified wildlife removal specialists. In order for the squirrel removal process to be humane and safe, it’s essential that a wildlife control technician handles the situation.

The first process is the Inspection. Through our inspection services, our specialists will identify the problem by determining the area where the squirrels are coming from. This process makes it easier to address the root cause of the problem and ensure that the squirrels don’t return after removal. Depending on the extent of the invasion, our technicians will use a one-way door system. However, if there are baby squirrels involved, the technician will have to remove the babies by hand.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are chewers who have a habit of chewing anything and everything. they do this to help them figure out if whatever they are nibbling is edible. It’s important to note that squirrel’s teeth are ever growing, hence the constant need to chew on things. Their incisors are known to grow 6-inches every year.

Squirrels are not known to cause any transferable diseases to humans, although the possibility hasn’t been ruled out. The problem with squirrels is their chewing habits. Squirrels have the capability of destroying decks, birdfeeders and even compromising the stability of building structures.

They will chew your electrical lines and cables posing a fire risk. Once they get access into the home, they could damage your wooden frames, furniture, insulation, siding and things stored in the attic. In your lawn, they will uproot flowers and full plants, split husks of fruits and nuts.

Squirrels in the Attic

It is common knowledge that squirrels will find your attic as a preferred nesting area. They will not only bring up their young in your attic but also cause substantial damage and disturb the peace with their chewing, scurrying and fighting. So how do squirrels get into the attic? Why are squirrels attracted to your attic?

Well, the answer is simple: your attic offers a dry, warm, friendly place where a squirrel can settle down and bring up a family. It’s the perfect spot to store food safe from opportunists. One of the main reasons a squirrel would live in your attic is to nurse its babies. If you can hear squirrels scurrying around your attic during spring, they are most likely baby squirrels.

Squirrel Infestation

It doesn’t take too long for a couple of furry squirrels to start an infestation in or around your property. At first, you may see a few of them in your garden or run on your roof and before you know it there are more squirrels than you can count. It is best to have these bothersome wildlife animals removed before they cause any more damage or trouble.

Squirrels gain access into your homes by chewing their way through the roof or walls. They then reside in tiny crawl spaces, in the chimney or in the attic. The squirrel’s body is very soft and flexible, making it convenient for it to squeeze through tiny gaps and openings and escape quickly when required. It is best to rely on professional help for the removal of a squirrel infestation.

Health Hazards

Squirrels are not carriers of any specific diseases; however, studies show that squirrels do carry bacteria and other pathogens that could adversely affect the health of those who come in contact with the squirrel. Squirrels may also scratch and bite in an attempt to defend themselves when they feel threatened. This could lead to serious injuries and it is hence advised not to try and catch squirrels without the help of a trained professional.

Why Hire Professional Squirrel Removal Service?

It’s often a cute sight to see squirrels skimming around the park for food. However, it’s a concern if they decide to reside in your home. They are an immediate danger to electrical wiring and wooden structures.

Squirrels are not the easiest critters to remove. It’s also not the best idea to take time availing the services of a wildlife removal service since squirrels are known to cause substantial damages in a short period. It’s also essential that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to get rid of them on your own. So why hire a professional?

Speedy resolution. Squirrels reproduce fast, due to this, you need to act faster. Our experts have years of experience dealing with squirrels; they will act fast and come to your rescue. They understand critter behaviour and will solve your problem in no time.

Human removal. We use only humane methods to get rid of squirrels. We use traps or one-way exclusion doors to get rid of the menace. In fact, squirrels will not be killed but evict on their own.

Cost effective. Most property owners feel hiring a professional is expensive; however, what’s expensive is having to deal with a squirrel problem yearly. Squirrels have the capability of causing loses that can amount to thousands of dollars in repair. A professional wildlife removal company will perform a removal service that is guaranteed to last.

Professional Advice. One of the leading reasons squirrels invade our homes or properties is that our homes are too inviting to pass the offer. After removal, a professional wildlife removal expert will advise you on the best practices to avoid invasion. Depending on the extent of the infestation, they will also advise you on what repairs to carry out.

Safe and Humane Squirrel Removal

Humane removal services dictate that no animals are hurt or killed during the removal process. Our professional squirrel removal team will make sure they use humane removal processes such as trapping and one-way exclusion doors. We will also make sure the critters are safely returned to their natural habitat. Squirrels are protected wildlife, hurting them in any way might be breaking the law.

We at Squirrel Removal Oakville offer you a safe and affordable squirrel removal and control solution to your rodent problems. Our services are available 7 days a week, so call us at 647-496-2189 and we would be glad to assist you with getting rid of these annoying little wildlife nuisances. Our staff will also locate and seal all entry and exit points, making it impossible for another squirrel infestation to begin.