How to Get A Raccoon Out of Your Attic

In Oakville, raccoons are one of the most commonly seen animal pests. They like to enter attics and crawl spaces to forage, breed, and hide from predators. If you have recently purchased a new home or are considering purchasing one, then you will need to consider the best way to get rid of raccoons. A solution may be necessary to ensure the safety of your family. There are many methods that can be used to prevent this nuisance and the method you choose will depend on how well the area is insulated.

One way door for raccoons is the most common technique to solve the problem. The door is placed on the opening in the roof that the animal used to enter. It has a track which allows the animal to enter and exit the house. For this reason, an airtight sealing is required at the opening. This is done by the use of a one way door.

There are many different materials that can be used to make an airtight one way door. The material is chosen based on how well it keeps out raccoons. Some choices include wood, fiberglass, fiberglass panels, PVC, vinyl, and sheet metal. Each material is designed to seal the area but not provide any kind of insulation.

If you do not want to install an airtight one way door, one that can be made of wood will be sufficient. Wood tends to be heavier than other materials and will last longer. Most come with an opening which is one-half inch in diameter. You should cut a hole in the center of the door.

When the animals vacate you need to inspect the attic for the damage left behind. Insulation is one of the most important considerations. You will have to find out how much you have to insulate your attic. Find out what is the minimum insulation that is recommended. Usually this is a few inches of air leakage free insulation. The use of cellulose makes the insulation less dense and it also helps the insulation to be less heavy so you don’t have to insulate the whole attic.