How To Get Rid Of Raccoons From Your Backyard

Are raccoons giving you sleepless nights in your backyard? While they are not associated with any immediate danger to humans except for causing structural damage to the backyard in search of food, the presence of raccoons the backyard is likely to unsettle any home-owner. Fortunately, there are many ways of safely warding off these animals from encroaching into your territory. Join me as I introduce you to the tried and tested methods on how to remove raccoons from your backyard or you can call our professional raccoon removal Oakville services. 

Keep the yard food-and-trash-free

Like any other animal, one of the primary motives for raccoons venturing into your yard is in search of food. Therefore, one of the ways in which you can get rid of them from your backyard is by ensuring that any trash or food that is left behind is kept far away from the backyard. As a shrewd home-owner, you should have an efficient garbage disposal system that ensures that your trash cans are always clean.

Use better trash cans

For raccoons to want to explore the contents of your trash cans, they must be able to open the cans. For this reason, you could use stronger metallic cans with heavy lids that cannot be opened easily. In addition, you can reinforce the cans by placing heavy stones on top of them to keep their seals in position, as well as keeping them as clean as possible.

Kill off their food

Another way of getting rid of these animals from your backyard is by killing their food. The backyard is usually awash with insects which also happen to be a favourite delicacy of raccoons. They have an ability to smell grubs in your backyard from fairly long distances and regardless of the number of these insects in your backyard, the mere fact that their smell can be picked from a long-distance means raccoons will be your constant guests. In order to chase them away, it is important, therefore, to treat your backyard with an appropriate insecticide so that you eliminate this dangerous attraction for raccoons.

Use foul-smelling chemicals

Raccoons have a tendency for digging your backyard in search of food. For this reason, you could use some bad-tasting or foul-smelling substances on the ground where they are likely to dig. Once they pick up this taste or smell, they will likely flee your backyard.

Seal the entry points

Obviously, raccoons will venture easily into your backyard if there is ease of access into your compound. You can, therefore, drive them away from your backyard by sealing these entry points and keeping your fence free of breaches as far as possible.

Use traps

When push comes to shove, you might as well use traps to chase raccoons away from your backyard. Once they spot their colleagues dead or agonizing in the traps, the rest of them may find an impetus to leave. Ensure the traps are kept in open places so that you then do not have to endure the smell from rotting raccoon carcasses in the event they die from the traps.